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Can you be inspired by a traffic bollard?

InspirationalPosted by Ann Algie Wed, March 09, 2016 08:15:50
Can a traffic bollard inspire you? What does inspire you? On The One Course we spend time looking at what or who inspires us and how we can use this to enable us to enjoy life more fully, feel more supported and also to grow and develop further by experimenting and creating more in our own lives. (We will come to the inspirational traffic bollard later!)

Inspiration can come from all sorts of places and can affect us on many different levels. Sometimes we hear a fantastic speech, watch a film or read a book and feel utterly 'blown away' by what we have heard or read. This can even cause us to change an aspect of our lives from that moment on! In many cases though the happiness we feel from coming across something that is 'slightly out of the ordinary', surprising or fun can be equally beneficial to our lives. Becoming more aware and open to these smaller 'events' that occur on a day to day basis can increase our overall enjoyment of life and inspire us to create similar 'surprises' and inspiration for others.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate what I mean by the smaller events in life.

A stone mermaid Tom and I came across on the beach at Saltburn, UK.
Some of the knitted characters on the pier at Saltburn (no-one knows who the 'knitters' are - though I expect someone must know!)
Ahhh now we meet one of the many inspirational traffic bollards to be found at Winchester, UK and probably in other places too!
A beautiful clover flower in our garden in France.
The gate to my vegetable garden (the frame of the gate forms an 'A' for Ann - bizarre - but may inspire some of you to create gates with letters on - some letters are easier than others!) and finally some cheese 'straws' shaped like hearts.

All small things on one level but all have the ability to bring about joy or to inspire someone else to do something different. Things don't have to always be the same - we can create surprise and variety in life. How much is only limited by our imagination!

So inspiration can sometimes be HUGE in terms of people doing amazing things, but it an also be small and almost hidden. I would like to advocate that the small inspirations in life can add up to have a big impact overall if we begin to see them. We are all capable of being inspiring in one way or another! Go inspire!

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Mushrooms make it rain!

Learning from naturePosted by Ann Algie Sat, February 27, 2016 16:06:32
I love eating mushrooms and living here in France we don't have to go far to find some lovely specimens! We are careful which ones we eat and stick to the 3 or 4 varieties that we feel 100% confident of identifying. Our elderly neighbours are very knowledgeable and taught us the best places to look and which ones to avoid eating.

There is still a great deal to be discovered about mushrooms and what they are capable of. Recently it has been found that the spores released by mushrooms cause rain to fall. In this way mushrooms are helping to promote their own survival by creating the ideal conditions for their growth. Amazing!

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Be your own 'best friend'

Positive ActionPosted by Ann Algie Fri, February 19, 2016 12:45:16
Some days we don't feel so great - often for no particular reason that we can identify. Its easy to 'feel good' when you do feel good, but more of a challenge when you don't! Sometimes we even begin to 'beat ourselves up' for not being more positive, capable, full of energy, clever etc .............. the list is as long as we care to make it! It's great isn't it? First we feel a bit low and then we tell ourselves a whole lot of negative things! No wonder life seems uphill at times!

Start listening to the voice in your head and make sure it is telling you some good stuff today! This is so important - you need to become your own 'best friend' and supporter and speaking in an encouraging and kind way is a great place to start.

You can also carry out positive actions - however small. These could even be actions that you reap the benefits of at some point in the future - so you begin to create happy days and feelings in advance! This is why planting seeds or making a garden is such a positive thing. Three years ago I scattered a few wild flower seeds in front of our house and every year since we have had flowers - especially poppies!

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Positive News

Connecting with othersPosted by Ann Algie Thu, February 11, 2016 13:37:52
I often find myself involved in discussions about the fact that most of the news we hear on television or read in the newspapers is bad. We know that people tend to buy more papers if the news is 'sensational' in some way.

It seems that there is a biological reason for this. The most basic parts of our brain respond very quickly to fear. We are 'pre-programmed' to respond to fear as this has been vital for our survival. The 'flight or fight' response has been very useful for escaping from wild animals but in modern times not many of us have to do this! The response can still be activated though by what we read and hear on a day to day basis. This can lead us to believe that the world is more scary and dangerous than it really is and over time can adversely affect our health.

We can help ourselves by choosing what we watch and read and how often we do this. Do we really need to watch the news several times a day? Here is an alternative news magazine called Positive News that has just been re-launched after 1,526 people bought community shares during a 30 day 'Own the Media' campaign.

The Positive News Magazine began life as a 'free' newspaper when it was founded in 1993 by an amazing lady called Shauna Crockett-Burrows. It helps to highlight some of the good things that are happening in the world and connects people and ideas. Here are a couple of links, one with information about Shauna Crockett-Burrows and the other to The Positive News website. The magazine is produced 4 times a year and would make a lovely present for yourself or someone else.

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Being Happy with Change

Feeling GoodPosted by Ann Algie Fri, January 29, 2016 18:15:09
Being Happy with Change

Change is an inevitable part of life and living, and yet so many of us struggle to accept and embrace it. We waste our precious time and energy trying to keep everything the same! If we can learn to 'be in the flow' of life and to be happy with change then life will appear less 'scary'.

I wrote this little book a couple of years ago to help people come to terms with changes that occur in their lives. You can download it for free by clicking on the link below.

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The Prince's Ears

Feeling GoodPosted by Ann Algie Mon, January 25, 2016 13:26:10
The Prince's Ears

Here is a little story I wrote which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link below. It is all about listening to your heart and doing what you love in life. Pass it on to anyone who you think may enjoy it.

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Water crystals

Learning from naturePosted by Ann Algie Sat, January 23, 2016 12:53:59
I find this fascinating. A few years ago I read a book by Mr Emoto about the different types of crystals formed by freezing water from different locations. He took pictures of the crystals formed by clean river water, lakes and polluted water and found they formed very different shapes. The polluted water crystals looked distorted compared to the clean river water. He then discovered that the water formed different shaped crystals according to the music or words that were played 'to it'. See what you think?

If it really is the case that water forms different crystals according to the environment/sounds surrounding it then this may have big implications for the things we surround ourselves with - and the things we tell ourselves - since we contain around 70% water in our own bodies.



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Learning from naturePosted by Ann Algie Thu, January 21, 2016 11:49:51
First snow

Yesterday we had our first snow of 2016 here in Aveyron.

It made me think about the fact that no two snowflakes are the same. Although snowflakes all have a hexagonal shape, they vary in their geometry and molecular structure according to the variations in temperature and humidity through which they fall.

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